Top Tips for Airbnb Hosts

Posted in Real Estate on July 9th, 2021

Airbnb has become one of the most popular vacation options, and one of the most popular ways for people to make a little extra money. There are 6 million properties listed on the site, with over a 150million users ready to book a trip. Whether you let your whole home while you’re away, a guest house, a second property, or your spare room, here are some top tips for Airbnb hosts.

Always Be Clear and Honest With Anyone Stating

When you list your property online for let, don’t be tempted to try and make your property sound better than it is. You’re not an estate agent trying to sell a property, so be honest and list a fair price. Even if your home isn’t a luxury hotel destination, you can still get guests to book who want somewhere clean to sleep while they’re away.

Check Local Laws and Your Lease

If you’re renting your home, you need to make sure you aren’t violating your lease by using it as an Airbnb, as this could count as subletting. Check local laws about subletting to make sure you’re on the right side of the law.

Think Like a Business

If you want to make a profit on Airbnb, think about you can make your listing attractive to guests. Could you leave out a hamper of local treats? Could you offer a discount for a longer vacation? Turn on Smart Pricing on your host profile so your prices will automatically adjust to match the demand for listings similar to yours.

Use a Management Company

Think about using a management company to look after your Airbnb for you, saving you from having to always be available to let people in. They can also maintain the property for you to save you time.

Be Firm When You Need to Be

Don’t put up with any poor behavior from guests. If someone is not treating you or the property fairly, say something. Ask them to change their behavior and don’t be afraid to ask someone to leave if they refuse. If you have to, you can get Airbnb involved to solve problems. Make sure to fill out the House Rules section of the profile so guests know if you rules about pets, extra guests, or noise after a certain time.

Consider Setting a Minimum Night Stay

One-night bookings might seem like no big deal, but they create a lot of work,  such as doing laundry and resetting the Airbnb for new guests. Instead, try to secure longer bookings to keep the property booked up and earning you money without as much effort.

Keep All Communication Within Airbnb

Airbnb does take a cut of your profit which can make it tempting to encourage guests to book and pay you directly. Don’t do this. If you take payment outside of the platform, you won’t be covered by Airbnb’s insurance which covers you for all kinds of problems, including damage to your property. It’s more secure and gives you the added security of someone to help if there’s a problem with your guests.

Consider Your Neighbors

Even if you have the best ever guests, people turning up at all times of the day and towing suitcases along makes noise. If you have noisy guests, this could really aggravate your neighbors. Think about what you can do to keep your neighbors happy and how you can go about avoiding Airbnb noise complaints.

Use Your Referral Links to Boost Earnings

Airbnb offers referral rewards for recommending the site to other travelers and new hosts. Share your link with anyone who expresses an interest in using Airbnb to help you earn a little bit more.

Don’t Turn on Automatic Booking

If you’re living in the property that you’re letting out and will be there when guests stay, don’t turn on automatic booking. Automatic booking is convenient, but by checking each request, you can take a look at each guest and make sure they’re someone who you can share your home with for a few days.

Set Up a Concierge Station

Make a short list of some recommendations and information for the local area. Put in a map of the area and some information about public transport and where to find the nearest supermarket, shops, and restaurants. Put this in a folder with some leaflets for local attractions. Guests will appreciate the effort.

Get Insurance

Airbnb covers you for damage, but add some renters insurance, or separately insure any valuable items that you’re leaving in the property, just in case.

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