Torn Between Two Properties? These Things Could Be the Decider!

Posted in Real Estate on October 25th, 2023

Have you fallen in love with two properties in the hunt for a new home? While it seems like a nice problem to have, it can actually cause endless hours of turmoil when you’re questioning which one is the one for you to buy. The home you live in decides so many things about the rest of your life, from the unneighborly experiences you have to the actual memories made between the four walls. Assuming both houses are of a similar size and price, here are some other things you can look at that can help you to work out which of the two is the better choice. 


The general area in which a house is situated can greatly influence your lifestyle. Check out the neighborhood’s safety, its proximity to work, access to amenities and overall ambiance. Check out local parks, shopping centers, and community spaces. Research the local schools if you have or plan to have children because a great school district can add huge value to a property. In many cases, it can be worth choosing a house that’s not quite as nice because it’s in a better area. You can make changes to your home with extensions, aesthetic makeovers of the front etc. But you cant change the area, so think carefully about this. 

Eco-Friendly Features

While you can add these things yourself, a house that already has eco upgrades is always going to be a bonus. Look for energy efficient appliances, solar panels and insulation. A house with these features not only contributes to a sustainable future but can also lead to long term cost savings on energy bills too. 

Layout Flexibility

Our homes need to adapt and change with us through the years. When your kids are young, things like a playroom might be a must- have but as you get older you might prefer a more open living/ dining space for entertaining guests. Things like the addition of a garage or space for a garden room give you the chance to create a home office or guest bedroom if you need them. Some homes have better flexibility than others with their design, where you can add or remove walls over the years if needed. With others, depending on where the supporting walls are and where things like water pipes are located this can be more difficult. Think ahead and consider a home that’s easy to adapt if you’re torn between two, a structural engineer will be able to let you know what can and cant be done to each property. 

Heating/ Cooling

Heating and cooling systems can be expensive. A home that has a good water heating system and even air conditioning already installed is a nice bonus and will save you money rather than getting it done yourself. Check out the boiler and hvac or other heating/ cooling appliances and see if one house stands out above the other. 

Resale Value

While you might be infatuated with your potential new home, consider its resale value too. Life is unpredictable, even if this purchase is very much your ‘forever home’ in your opinion. circumstances can change. Go for a property that not only meets your current needs but is also likely to attract future buyers. Having the correct searches and surveys done during the buying process will flag up any potential issues.

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