Hooking up Your Garden Office Space

Posted in Business on March 7th, 2022

The big rise in working from home has seen more people than ever experiment with where their office or workspace should be. 

Many people hunker down at the kitchen table and are more productive than those working in an office. At the same time, others need space, privacy, and solitude to reach the same productivity. 

The rise of remote working and freelancers has highlighted some of the most interesting and experimental working methods. They are giving so many more options for creativity and exploring how people work best. 

The outdoor garden office space is one of the most popular and the one that you can maximize the fun and the form. 

An outdoor workspace offers something that a usual in-house office doesn’t. Our brains love cues, and when we step into the office, we know it’s work time. However, if you are working in the same place you sleep, eat, or watch TV, that is confusing. 

If you don’t have an outside office space, creating a dedicated in-house spec is just as important. 

But how can you ensure that your shed-cum-office has everything you need to create your best work? 


Think about everything that you need in there that will need electricity. Don’t be tempted to run multiple extensions from the house to the outside office. Instead, hire a professional Level 2 ASP Electrician

Make a list of the lighting, the number of sockets, and anything else you might need to keep you connected. 

Also, keep in mind that it is typically cheaper to have a portable electric heater in the winter, which will need some extra sockets. Always choose more than you need! 

You’ll also need WiFi – if yours doesn’t reach the house, a signal extender can help. 


Humans work better with plenty of natural light, and if your goal is to get the most from your office, you’re going to want to have as many windows as possible. 

It is important to learn where the sun will hit the windows and how that impacts the inside. So before you start getting the windows fitted, spend some time looking at where the best places to work will be. 

Adding windows in the wrong place might see the sun beating down on you each day. 


You might think that the floor in there will be fine – and you can deal with the slight slant. Over time though, it will become annoying, and you won’t enjoy sitting at an angle in the middle of a Zoom call. 

Instead, get a floor specially fitted that compliments the rest of the interior of your office. 

After all, it is about getting all of the small details right so that you can thrive and create your best work. 

Creating a separate office from home can be part of your first steps to growing your small business and achieving big things. For extra tips on growing your small business and looking more professional, read this: Heightening Your Professional Standards As A Small Brand

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