How to Shop for a New Office Space

Posted in Business on June 8th, 2020

Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, more than 88% of businesses have begun encouraging their staff to work from home if possible. This demonstrates an exciting shift in how companies operate in the post COVID world, there are plenty of ways work, and life itself could change, so it’s essential to be ready for anything.

One clear thing that could change the most is the use of office spaces. With enterprises now realizing that so many people can work from home and be trusted to do so, too, while also seeing a potential increase in productivity, it conjures the question of whether the current office is too much? If this sounds familiar, you may need to shop for a new office space. But what do you need to look for?

Is It Safe?

When your staff and clients are at your office, their safety is on you, so you must make sure it is safe. This means picking a location in a respectable part of town, preferably one with lots of exterior light and security cameras or personnel to make sure no one gets in who shouldn’t be getting in.

Furthermore, you can request commercial drug testing to ensure that the inside of the office is safe. You may also want to request an inspection so that you have further confidence about the building’s structural integrity and check for issues like asbestos or radon gas.

Is It Easily Accessible?

Often, you can’t find an office that is both in an excellent location and comes at an affordable price. It will either be in a great location and expensive to rent, or in a terrible location but affordable.

Think about where your employees live and how far they will have to travel and consider the traffic during rush hour to get an idea of whether it is worth their time to sit in a car for so many hours every day, especially if they cannot work from home. You should also think about nearby public transport and how easily a taxi driver could find the office if requested.

Is It Big Enough?

Office spaces always look large when there is no furniture inside, and you often won’t know how big it is until all the desks, chairs, and cabinets are bought. But, as you know that you can rely on your team to work from home more regularly, size may not be a problem.

To overcome issues of space while also saving money and maintaining high performance, give your team the chance to work one week at home and one week at the office. Split your staff into two groups and alternate who is in the office when.

Is It the Office for You?

For employees, an office is just that: an office. They typically don’t care where they work, as long as there’s a kitchen for a post-lunch coffee and maybe space to relax if they need to. However, as a business owner, your needs are much greater. You need an office that will inspire you and your team, ensure safety, and be neither too big nor too small.

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