Running a Successful, Online-Only Business Event

Posted in Business on June 5th, 2023

The worldwide Covid-19 pandemic was destructive, both personally and commercially difficult for people and enterprises at all levels. But it did teach us one thing. While not a perfect alternative for in-person attendance, many processes and meetings can be substituted or supplemented by online proceedings.

This allowed children to keep up with their classes, therapists to speak to their clients, and yes, companies to collaborate with their teams. As such, companies worldwide learned that increasing online functionality, be that embracing remote work, implementing enhanced cybersecurity, and adding online utility were all worthwhile endeavors.

As such, many companies have been utilizing the excellent “online-only” event for a range of purposes. This might involve product or service reveals, company-wide staff briefings, public-facing events, and transparency talks from the top level of your company.

Recorded live and then implemented onto your website, within your internal task and communications suite, or on your YouTube channel, an online-only event can improve attendance thanks to its accessibility, and really push your message out there. 

But what are the hallmarks of an event like this, run successfully? In this post, we’ll give you three steps for that exact purpose.

Standardize Cameras & Microphones

In order to provide competent video coverage from person to person, feed to feed, it’s essential to standardize the microphones and cameras you use. You can use conversion kits to plug SLR’s into laptops or use conversion tools to properly implement the bitrate of your high-quality webcams. Moreover, investing in an audio controller and lapelle mics can help your speakers come through more clearly, and with lower latency. Make sure that not matter where they’re hosting the event from, you give every guest or speaker the same equipment, even if it’s on loan. That way, you can implement a seamless visual experience. Put simply – if people notice what you’re doing, then something is wrong. You can get the best results with a remote live video production kit.

Craft a Snappy Itinerary

It’s essential to make sure your online events are snappy and to the point, because without the common patience and management of in-person events, your attendees can lose interest quickly. Not only are you showcasing to a larger audience, but you’re competing with the distractions in each of their homes or offices. You can proudly display the itinerary on graphics as you move from topic to topic, event to event, and ensure your speakers are primed for sticking to the schedule.

Use Reliable Platforms

Many online events have encountered issues in the past for technical problems, issues with digital ticket gating systems, and more. The best thing you can do is use reliable platforms with low latency and good video replication so that all of your audience can expect a smooth result all of the time. This might include streaming at YouTube live or on platforms like Twitch. While private links can be shared and may give access to people who may not have purchased “access” or whatever other fundraising or donation measure you’ve implemented, speed, convenience, and reliability are always better than anti-piracy measures. Remember to record the entire event and host it online for free, later, too. It will make a real difference.

With this advice, you’re sure to run your online-only business event in the most successful manner possible.

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