5 Uses for Your Business TV

Posted in Business on April 7th, 2022

A television screen may not be on top of your equipment list for your business. Most of us think that the TV only belongs in our homely living rooms. Yet there is more to the Tv than meets the eyes. 

In fact, having a TV in the office could considerably improve branding, productivity, creativity, and business culture. Unsure how to use the TV at work? Here are 5 brilliant ideas that will change everything!

  1. Monitor the competition
    Advertising campaigns are constantly evolving, and big brands have been paying for TV placements for many years. So, if you are competing against brands that already have a TV presence, it’s worth capturing the TV ad evolution of big brands so you can track trends and storytelling techniques.

    You may also want to compile digital ads from competitors and play them on TV in the office. It can help your team stay up-to-date with the micro-trends and the audience needs.

  2. Entertain your guests
    Do you know what visitors hate the most? The reception area! More often than not, the lobby can be lifeless and dull, leading to frustration among visitors, even before they get to attend their appointments. Placing a screen in the lobby area with dedicated channels can provide a source of distraction. You may want to have a look at solutions such as loop.tv that are specialists in business-focused TV entertainment. It’s a great solution to ensure visitors don’t get bored, even if they have to spend a long time in reception.

  3. Share business updates
    It can be tough to keep every team member informed about the latest business news and decisions. Companies often arrange for a yearly update, which they hold in front of the whole team. Yet, week-on-week news is often shared by emails or on social media, which means that people tend to miss them! You can utilize the screen in the office as a way to share simple business presentations sharing the latest updates and events in the company. Keep your slide deck simple and straightforward. You can also record an audio commentary with verbal signposts and storytelling elements.

  4. Team news
    Birthdays, special milestones, or even family announcements are often private matters that are shared outside of work. But you can place a screen in the office to promote your team’s private news — with their permission. It’s a fantastic way to make everybody feel included! Besides, it can also help new members of staff integrate into the team.

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